Maxi it out for summer! Conwy Castle, Wales

Summers are more fun when floaty maxi dresses are worn, especially when you find a print which matches your mood. I finally took out my Mint Velvet maxi dress from my wardrobe; I was visiting Conwy castle, Wales. The python print reflected my adventurous, playful and cheerful mood on a perfect summers day! I carried my favourite Reiss Kensington bag and wore comfortable flats… maybe I should have worn sandals instead. To complete the boho vibe, a pair of drop bronze coloured earrings were worn.

It was easily the best outfit choice, it was comfortable and the town was exactly what I expected. I saw this separated castle door. It was extremely cute, reminding me of a fairytale story. It was located besides the main road, was heavily overgrown with plants and had a traditional, mysterious wooden door. I just wanted to knock on the larger metal knocker hanging on the door and see what lies inside.


Hello… anybody home?

It is a very romantic town, the scenery is beautiful and it has a castle! As we drove across the bridge I could not take my eyes off this… so when I got off I had walk back and capture this castle!


The walk isn’t quite as easy as you think! Not for people with a phobia of heights… especially when you can feel the creeking wooden stairs when you walk on it!


This is the reward… beautiful scenery!


The Conwy Quay is just as beautiful…




Nothing beats enjoying your surroundings


Wait a moment… I need my sunnies!

To finish off the day, I wanted to be like a local… stop at a Conwy bus stop!!


A Conwy town bus stop



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